Wicked Emails Review and custom bonus – A controversial, persuasive email strategy creates a frenzy of sales

This new 23 page ebook called Wicked Emails shows a controversial, persuasive email marketing strategy for creating huge demand and a frenzy of sales for any product or service (guaranteed).

If you like list building, email marketing, and making money (if not, why are you here?), this is worth taking a look at.

In the video below, I review Wicked Emails, go over the pros & cons, and also explain the exclusive bonuses you can only get from me that I created exclusively for this product.

>> Grab Wicked Emails Here + Get my special bonus package <<

>> Grab Wicked Emails Here + Get my special bonus package <<


My Thoughts Summarized

I went into this product thinking that the creator (Stuart Stirling) seemed like a cool guy and, for whatever reason, kinda resembled Deadmau5 a bit.  If you don’t get that reference, Deadmau5 is a musician.

But, of course, I never know how a product is until I actually SEE it.

What I ended up seeing was an informative, well-written, and carefully crafted document that got to the point of what it was conveying while not rushing through the content.  A good balance of length combined with value.

In the ebook, Stuart clearly states that this is a strategy you want to have in your email marketing arsenal, but it’s not something you want to use all the time.  I’d agree with that statement.  Strategies like this are the most effective when you’re not hammering your list with it constantly.  Doing so would not be healthy for your relationship with your list.

If I had to say something I didn’t like, I tend to prefer video products.  With that said, this product fits nicely into an ebook.

As for what I liked, it’s an informative product that gets the point across effectively.  It’s also easy to read which is always nice.

The bottom line here:  If you want to have an effective selling strategy that will make you more than the price of the product itself (especially with my bonuses), this is worth considering.  If you’re still on the fence, Stuart hooked me up with this free short-but-sweet little PDF to give you called “31 Sucky Email Subject Lines that Still Get People Reading”.  Take a look here.

Upgrade Options

Main Product – $27

Wicked Emails is a simple, yet highly effective email marketing campaign strategy.

In other words, it’s the ‘magic sauce’ for creating massive demand and selling more of any product with a short, simple email sequence.

Every marketer using email will also enjoy Higher Open Rates and Click-thru Rates using this method.

A plug and play strategy which works in ANY niche.

Since it’s getting harder and harder to get email engagement and sales these days, this is the fix!

Upgrade 1 – $41

This is a video case-study of a solo ad email vendor that Stuart got a 144% ROI from.  Bonuses from Stuart are also included.

Downsell 1 – $17

The same video case-study from the upgrade above but without the bonuses.

Upgrade 2 – $127

This is a personalize sales funnel critique video, personal 1-on-1 consulting call and an advanced email marketing course delivered via email.

Downsell 2 – $37

The advanced email marketing course only.  No personal 1-on-1 coaching or critique.

My Special Bonuses

For customers of Wicked Emails who purchase through any link on this page, I’m giving you a custom bonus I’ve created specifically for this product (not available anywhere else) in addition to other bonuses that are currently being sold on JVzoo.  The purpose of these bonuses are to take what Stuart teaches in his ebook and leverage your profits even further.

Here’s the breakdown.

You’ll get:

Bonus 1 – In this custom-made bonus, I’ll reveal how to use what you’ll learn from Wicked Emails and make your profits go much further than they would from a standard promotion.  Super powerful stuff here.

Bonus 2 – In this bonus, I’ll give you a 16-point email marketing checklist called “Email Marketing Improvements” that will, you guessed it, help you improve your email marketing.  This is part of a paid product on JVzoo and could be a product on its on.

Bonus 3 – In this bonus. I’ll give you a 12-point email marketing checklist called “Email Deliverability & List Hygiene” that will help you keep your list clean and improve your overall results.  This is part of a paid product on JVzoo and could be a product on its on as well.

(Bonuses available immediately after purchase in Warrior Plus)


>> Grab Wicked Emails + Get my special bonus package <<




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