Tools I Use

A look inside of my online business

You won't find wrenches and screwdrivers here, but you will find a list the tools I use in my business.  

There's no need to go on a buying spree, although I always appreciate when people make a purchase through one of my links.  

Only get something if it fits your business needs.

Here's what I'm currently using in my business.

The page you're looking at right now was creating using Thrive Architect.  

It's my current page builder of choice.  

You can get it by itself or as part of their complete membership package which gives you LOTS of additional stuff.


My current email marketing platform of choice.  

I left GetResponse (basic paid plan with no automations) for Convertkit's basic paid plan that included automations

[Tip: Under 300 subs?  On the pricing page, adjust your 'current subscriber amount' scale to 300 to cut your price dramatically.)

If you wish, you can sign up for their free plan here instead.

Google Docs

I use Google Docs all the time to create new text documents.  

The ability to jump back and forth from desktop to mobile in real-time to edit anything, anywhere, on the fly is amazing.


Canva helps me out massively when it comes to almost everything - creating images, presentations, logos, full products, marketing materials and much more than I can realistically list here. 

Their wide selection of templates gives you plenty to work with.  

You can sign up here and create stuff with a free or paid account.

For transparency, I have a Pro account, and I make use of it all the time.


Despite the issues they've given marketers over the years, Paypal hasn't started any high school drama with me.  I'll continue using them until I have a reason not to.


With that said (about Paypal above), it's always good to have other options in your toolbelt.  That's why I also have a Stripe account as a secondary payment processor.


These days, I mostly use Dynalist, although I still have love for Workflowy.  

Both are similar in many ways, yet I don't know their full capabilities.  I use them for their bullet-point system when planning out products.  

I know Workflowy has an optional Trello-style feature as well.  Dynalist can also import from Workflowy

If you love bullet-points that go many layers deep, I highly recommend checking out either of the above,

Recommended Resource

IM Checklist Gold - I've reviewed several volumes of Kevin Fahey's IM Checklist series over the last year or two.  I also use them in my own business in various ways since they come with PLR rights (not "junk PLR" either).  You can take them for a spin here for only 3 bucks.

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