Stripped Down Sales Review – A fresh new way to make sales with no website

This product was called Stripped Down Sales at one point.

Now it's known as Super Simple Sales System.

Same product.  Different name.

The product itself (which contains 10 videos of content) is one that you should definitely take a look at if you like seeing familiar concepts from a completely new angle.

In the video below, I'll give you the rundown of everything you need to know.

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The Problem:

When most people start trying to make money online, they get bogged down in trying to learn things like building a website, mastering page builders, and all that jazz.

While those things are helpful to know, many people get hung up on the price and tech thingies.

The Solution:

While I would recommend everyone learn how to build their own websites and use a page builder, I would actually suggest learning how to do things this way FIRST.  

If you can write a Word document, you can do this.  It's about as simplified as you're going to get.

The Yay & The Nay

It's time to weight the pros and cons.


  • No website or page builders needed at all (in any capacity).
  • Uses 100% completely free tools.
  • No video creation is required whatsoever.
  • Paid traffic not required.
  • Does not require a list.


  • More advanced features typically found in page builders may not be available. 
  • Does not clearly show you how to build a list (but my bonus fixes that)!


I go through lots of products relating to making money online and internet marketing.  Stripped Down Sales does a great job of stripping down the sales process into something that is very easy to jump into with no experience.

Hint:  Instead of building sales pages, delivery pages, and review pages the traditional way, this shows you how to do it all and make sales using completely free tools online that you wouldn't normally expect (no, not Wix).

Honestly, it's pretty brilliant.

I'm a bit jealous I didn't come up with this product myself.

Sales Funnel

(Prices subject to change if vendor modifies funnel)

  • Stripped Down Sales - $25
  • Upgrade 1 - Full Done For You System - $49
  • Upgrade 2 - Sales Multiplier - $19
  • Upgrade 3 - IP Mastermind - $19

Here's what you get with my bonus


The process in Stripped Down Sales is so stripped down that building a list was put on the back-burner.  No worries.  I've explained how to plug it into this system if you choose to do so.


Linking your PayPal account was part of the process, but there was no training showing how to actually do it.  I've shared a YouTube video that shows how to do this quickly and easily.


You can also use this method to create an affiliate review page.  Since there wasn't much information given about making them, I've created a template you can get started with immediately.

Clif B.

Internet Marketer

I'm actually impressed with how bare bones easy Stripped Down Sales is to implement.  So easy, in fact, that many people will try to over-complicate it.  Don't.  Just do it!

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