Clif Burrell

Digital Marketer & Creator


Hello there.

If my name in big letters above didn't give it away, I'm Clif.

I create stuff online for business owners who dig my style. What started out with video creation and editing has turned into much more over the last 15 years.

My products range from Personal Use to Private Label Rights. (Affiliates - bottom of page - coming soon)

  • Video Products
  • Short Reports
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Resource Guides
  • Social Media Packs
  • Emails / Email Sequences
  • Seamless Pattern Packs
  • Digital Bookmarks
  • Canva Templates
  • Marketing Collateral

...And who knows what product type may be next.

You'll see examples on this page of everything from eBook covers to video clips in addition to pattern packs and animated ad mockups.


Basic information

Personal Details


Location: Memphis, TN area

Age: 39


Random Fact: Survived a 4-day diabetic coma (Christmas Eve 2019)

Motto: I couldn't, until I could.


I'm Good At A Few Things, Including...

Canva Design

Email Marketing

Video Editing


Product Creation

Article Writing

Creating PLR


MY skill Levels








EARLY 2007 - 2014

HOBBY: Content Creator & Video Editor

This was where it all began. I started learning about video creation and editing in the early days of YouTube. Everything grew from there.

SUMMER 2014 - MID 2018'ish

Udemy Instructor & Warrior Plus Vendor

I began launching products on Udemy in 2014.

I eventually moved to Warrior Plus where I had complete control of my customer list and more flexibility in my business as a whole.

I released products here & there, but not consistently.


Product Creator & Digital Marketer

Life took a turn I didn't expect.

After my diabetes put me out of work, I committed to creating products full-time. Ultimately, 2022 threw me into chaos, but my skills from previous years have always kept me going.

portfolio - Highlights

I've compiled a few highlights from this page to feature here.

Marketing ads created to show how my pattern packs (the designs on their shirts) could be used by buyers for Print on Demand products.

Marketing material: Still image VS Moving Background

Covers I've made for eBooks / Reports. Many are mockups based on my pattern packs. Affiliate Launchpad is real.

Miscellaneous creations that deserve highlights

(An ad image, a video from an older Udemy project, and a sample from an article pack I sell the rights to)

A Sample of My Writing (sold with Private Label Rights)

i hope you've enjoyed the highlights. nOW HERE'S EVERYTHING...

portfolio - Reports, Ecovers, Social Media

Aside from Affiliate Launchpad (shown first), many of these designs were made using my pattern packs - next section down.

A Sample of My Writing (sold with Private Label Rights)

portfolio - Seamless Pattern Packs [PLR]

Pattern Pack based on the $100 bill

Tiger Fur Pattern Pack

Illustrated Version of Tiger Fur Pattern Pack (different images)

Pattern Pack turned into Digital Bookmarks

portfolio - Videos

Two videos, each with a different style of motion background (no audio)

Context: The video below is from a product I created in previous years. It was a vast departure from anything I'd done until that point.

Context: The video below was made in 2019, before I started shaving my head bald. I've adjusted it to begin playing at 30 seconds, which is where the presentation-meets-video & animation portion begins. 

portfolio - Additional Marketing Collateral

A snapshot from one of my 'pattern pack' sales pages created in ThriveCart


Contact Details

If you'd like to get in touch with me, the email below is the best way to do so.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this page.

Have a good one.

- Clif Burrell

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