Page One Four Play Review – Rank in 4 Places At Once on Google Without A Website

Page One Four Play - What an interesting product name, to say the least.

What is Page One Four Play?

This is a product by James Renouf and Jeremy Kennedy (who also made this product that many of you enjoyed), and it's all about ranking on page one of Google in four different ways.

These 4 ways include:

  1. Google: Web Search - Page 1
  2. Google: Images Search - Page 1
  3. Google: Videos Search - Page 1
  4. YouTube: Page 1 (the second largest search engine in the world)
Page One Four Play Review & Bonus

Page One Four Play Review

( one or two more included in the training)

This can be done...

  • Without a website
  • Without a list
  • Without tech skills
  • Without spending any money

Obviously, results will vary as there’s no way to guarantee rankings of any kind 100% of the time, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying.  

Jeremy's proof

(As seen on the sales page)

Page One Four Play Review & Bonus

Page One Four Play Review

[Disclaimer:  Some of these clicks may have come from Jeremy's list as their aren't separate tracking links displayed in the image above.  However, this doesn't mean this method doesn't work without a list.]

I’ve ranked for affiliate products in the past using 2 of the methods in this training (without a list), and I still get occasional sales from stuff I did years ago.

Product format: Video

Product length:  About an hour

Watch my Page One Four Play Review Video below to see inside.

Page One Four Play [Video Review]


  • Easy to understand video training covering the method in an hour or less.


  • The video creation element may turn some people off, but appearing on camera isn’t necessary (although it does help with branding and conversions).


Who this is for:  People interested in ranking on Google in four different ways for ongoing evergreen traffic, while also realizing that not every attempt will yield the same results.

Who this is not for: People expecting to get thousands of visitors and clicks immediately so they can start stacking money to the ceiling and get rich overnight.

What you should know:  Page One Four Play focuses on launch jacking in the internet marketing niche, but this can also be used for other things like local businesses as well.

Don’t limit yourself to just launch jacking.  Other ranking opportunities are out there as well.

Sales Funnel

(Prices subject to change if vendor modifies funnel)

  • Page One Four Play - $11.11 - $27? (unsure about final price)
  • Upgrade 1 - Details not available - $29
  • Upgrade 2 - Details not available - $17
  • Upgrade 3 - Mastermind - $17

My Hyper-Focused Bonus Package


Page One Four Play Cheat Sheet  

The main training video from Jeremy is about 40 minutes long.  

I’ve created a custom cheat sheet for you wherein I’ve time-stamped the 15 most important parts to help you quickly find specific highlights to refer back to at any time with ease.


Bonus Package Cheat Sheet

Good related bonuses will help drive sales to whatever you're promoting (including your own products).  This cheat sheet will help you hit the ground running with a list of bonus ideas ranging from easy to complex.  You choose.  You decide.

This will likely become part of a paid product in the future.


"Backdoor Ranking" Cheat Sheet

I’ve crammed my super genius knowledge of YouTube into a single paragraph or few explaining how to increase your chances of ranking on YT and Google.

Clif Burrell
Final Thought

James and Jeremy keep it simple with Page One Four Play, despite the name sounding like an erotic novel.

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