Mystic Mailer Pro Review – A DFY Email Marketing Toolbox that Converts

You've probably heard it before.

"The money is in the list."

However, building that list and getting it to actually produce results can be a pretty big challenge for most people.

Well...I'd like to introduce you to Mystic Mailer Pro, a toolbox of sorts.

Mystic Mailer Pro gives you the DFY email content, video training, and 10 free cloud based pieces of software that can get you results fast with email!  

At least that's what Kam Jennings (the product creator) says.   And good news - Kam is one of my favorite marketers out there who usually over-delivers with this products.

Here's a pretty accurate snippet from the sales page.

When you pick up Mystic Mailer Pro today, you'll be getting instant access to:

  • 26 strategies for building a responsive and engaged email list for free! These cover newbie all the way to advanced level strategies to have your list up and running in no time! [League of List Builders: VOL1]
  • Personal Use Rights on 45 premium engagement emails designed specifically to warm up the coldest of cold email lists, so that you can hit the ground running, no matter how you build your email list! DFY content to save you time! [Email Fire 1 & 2]
  • Where to find 10 amazing pieces of FREE Cloud Based software that will exponentially improve your email marketing so that you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting yourself! This can speed up your process so much!
  • Replay on a 6 Part live workshop walking you through how to turn 25 engagement emails into pure quick strike promotional email blasts so that you have the education to take any email and turn it into MONEY! [Affiliate Fire]
  • Personal Use Rights on a completed 25 email promotional series taught in the live workshop so that you have the DFY content that saves you even more time! [The finished promotional series of Affiliate Fire]
  • Personal Use Rights on 7 complete DFY affiliate marketing campaigns that Kam wrote himself and are PROVEN to get maximum financial results!  Kam made thousands from these email sequences!  Now they are yours to study as use as you see fit!

In the video below, I'll give you the rundown of everything you need to know about Mystic Mailer Pro so you can decide whether or not it's right for you.

Mystic Mailer Pro Review Video

Correction:  I mistakenly said the price was $27.  It's actually $47 (with a possible increase to $97).  I still stand by everything I said in the video, and since more has been added, I think even $100 is under-priced.

UPDATE:  Newly added since filming my review - Brand new 20 video training teaching 20 new angles for re-framing affiliate offers through email!

The Problem:

It’s hard to build an email list.  It takes a lot of work and/or money.  

Then, once you have something that looks like an email list, you start to notice that nobody is opening your emails or clicking on your links.

It’s frustrating, right?  

To not have enough time or enough money to finally get that list started that could make you serious profits.

The Solution:

What if you had a toolbox that contained an assortment of tools that were designed to not only help you build a responsive list quickly, but also help you get insanely fast results with that list?

That's where Mystic Mailer Pro comes in.

Course Introduction Video

This is the first video you'll see in the course.  Consider it a peak inside.

*Proof of Kam's Personal Earnings

The Pros and Cons

Here's an honest look at both sides.


  • Learn 26 different ways to build your email list.
  • Includes two separate 30 day email engagement series to warm up your new email subscribers.
  • Training on how to turn engagement series #2 into promo emails that piggyback off the first series (flexibility!)
  • Get 7 of Kam's highly successful DFY affiliate campaigns.
  • Access to 10 free cloud-based softwares to  make life a bit easier.


  • Email campaigns are in a zip file, so you'll need to unzip them (easy to learn from YouTube).
  • No examples that I saw on how to write your first introduction email (email Kam, he'll help you out if needed).


Mystic Mailer Pro is very well put together.

Not only is it several of Kam's previous products combined into one "super product", he's also added more to the overall package.

He even shows you how to "remix" and re-purpose some of the DFY emails he's included from content-based emails and turn them into promo emails (if you choose to).

The DFY email sequences are worth the price alone (considering they sell separately for $27 each).

I'd recommend this to anyone wanting to learn about email marketing as well as experienced email marketers who want to learn more and save time in the process.

Another Peak Inside - Module 5 Overview

This is the intro video to the final module of the course.  It recaps everything covered in the training, giving you an additional peak inside.

Sales Funnel

(Prices subject to change if vendor modifies funnel)

*I originally thought the price was $27.  Even at $47, it's still well worth it.

  • Mystic Mailer Pro (MMP) - $47 [Possible increase to $97]
  • Mystic Mailer Pro is a toolbox of goodies for both aspiring and experienced email marketers. It includes multiple DFY email series, list building and email marketing training, and 10 free pieces of cloud-based software to help get you fast maximum results with email marketing.
  • Upgrade 1 - MMP Written PLR Package - $27
  • PLR license on all of the written DFY emails inside the Mystic Mailer Toolbox, so you will not only be able to use the written content, but also package it up and sell it as an asset.
  • Downgrade 1 - Epic Conversions Insider's Club - $1.99 trial, then $14.97/month
  • This is Kam's low ticket membership program that gives members group coaching, a brand new IM product every single month, and keeps you up-to -date on the newest tips, tricks and info in the IM space.
  • Upgrade 2 - MMP Video PLR Package - $27
  • PLR license to the 2 major training modules in the Mystic Mailer Pro toolbox, which are in fact legitimate courses in and of themselves. League of List Builders and Affiliate Fire. This is going to give you the chance to acquire these assets.
  • Downgrade 2 - Launcher's Delight PLR Package - $27
  • This downsell presents another PLR package. This time with 4 DFY courses on the subject of digital product launching. This is going to be an amazing opportunity for you to acquire 4 more high quality assets at a bargain price.
  • Upgrade 3 - MMP Max Deal Affiliate Partnership - $197
  • This offers you Max Level Affiliate Status. It's the chance to promote Mystic Mailer Pro as an affiliate at 100% commissions through the entire funnel. This will also include an affiliate marketing workshop to teach best how to promote the funnel.
  • Downsell 3 - MMP Advanced Level Affiliate Partnership - $97
  • If you decide MAX Level Affiliate Status isn't for you, you'll be offered a Pro Level Affiliate Status.

    Here, you'll get 100% affiliate commissions on the front end and 75% through the rest of the funnel. You will also be given a workshop on the best ways to promote this funnel.

My Bonus


Kam does such a great job with everything in Mystic Mailer Pro that bonuses aren't really needed, but I'll add one anyway.

For anyone who gets this through any button on this page, I'll throw in my own email marketing course called Email Uprising as a bonus.

Inside, you'll learn how to run promos from multiple angles and more.  This isn't some crappy PLR junk.  I made this myself and actively sell it online.

Clif B.

Supreme Marketing Architect of the Universe

Kam did a great job with this one, as he seems to do with all of his products.  Seriously under-priced though, in my opinion.

Cerebral Architect [Clif]

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