Done-For-You | Seamless Patterns Pack with PLR

Turn These Evergreen Designs Into A Dozen Or More Money Makers of Your Own that Will Pay You for Years to Come

Without becoming a Photoshop Expert

With Private Label Rights Included

*Physical & Digital Product Examples Shown Further Down This Page

About This PLR

Your Physical Products Could Look Like This...

Making Money For You While You Sleep

Your Digital Products Could Look Like This...

Making Money For You While You Sleep

Nerdy Stuff

Here's Every Pattern Included (4 Groups)

Do you like DFY evergreen assets you can instantly monetize?

What if you could monetize them in AT LEAST a dozen different ways?

AND what if Private Label Rights were included with each and every asset?

Sound good?

Then I've created my newest seamless patterns pack just for someone like you. 

It's called...

*Behind the Name: The WHEELS in 'Money Wheels' was inspired by me seeing circular wheel-like shapes within the patterns.

*Seamless Patterns have a much more organized look and feel, which is why you see them on everything from clothing to curtains, phone cases and so on.

Here's the deal...

That's a fair trade, wouldn't you agree?

There are so many ways you can use the designs in this DFY package.

Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  1. Creative Overlays
  2. YouTube thumbnail backgrounds
  3. A green screen background
  4. A cover for your book
  5. Printable bookmarks
  6. T-shirts, mugs, pillow cases
  7. Desktop wallpaper
  8. Phone home screen
  9. Background for a business presentation
  10. Zoom virtual background

Don't try to do everything at once, but the ideas above will help you move in the right direction.

Here are some examples of how these might look in action.

*The product images below are representations and examples, not included in the product, and meant for demonstration purposes only.

Who needs a purse or credit card when you can wear money all over your dress, or sell clothes to others?

Example, image not included.

Blankets are great items to showcase your designs on.

Example, image not included.

You could put these designs on financial journals to give notebooks a bit more excitement.

Example, image not included.

Here's an example of what one of these 'Money Wheels' could look like on a pillow.

Example, image not included.

Here's an example of that same design turned from color to black & white.

Example, image not included.

And here is yet another example of that same design in Duotone (Reverse B&W).

Example, image not included.

Imagine waking up to see the sales you've made while sleeping.

It truly is a wonderful feeling that everyone should experience.

There are SO. MANY. WAYS you can use these "Money Wheels".

In fact, I'm giving you more than what I've let on so far.

Here's what all you're getting today...

Module 1: Money Wheels (Seamless Patterns)

Money Wheels is a product consisting of 25 unique seamless patterns based primarily on USD currency that are mostly Octagonal in shape, giving them a 'wheel' appearance.

Although the shapes themselves vary a bit, any one of these designs could make you more money back than if you bought this product twice.

The official versions you'll receive are as follows:

  • 25 Original high-quality images
  • 300 DPI -- 3600 x 3600
  • PNG & JPEG
  • Create Unlimited Physical, Digital, and Print on Demand Products
  • PLR License Included

Here's an example of a larger size.

Module 2: Black & White (Seamless Patterns)

Money Wheels 'Black & White' consists of the same 25 seamless patterns seen above but with a more retro feel.  These can be used in many ways such as coloring book pages, comparing & contrasting full color images, and much more that has already been mentioned on this page.

The official versions you'll receive are as follows:

  • 25 Original high-quality images
  • 300 DPI -- 3600 x 3600
  • PNG & JPEG
  • Create Unlimited Physical, Digital, and Print on Demand Products
  • PLR License Included

Here's an example of a larger size.

Money Wheels is the perfect package for online entrepreneurs who want to add some flare to their business assets.

Instead of a boring picture on your presentation slide, switch things up a bit to get attention and increase engagement.

Thanks once again. I hope that when I get to the stage of my online career where I'm actually making money and not just spending it that I maintain the same level of professionalism in dealing with customers that you've shown me.

Tim T. - (Feedback from a satisfied customer)

And Now for Your Bonus Pack

Bonus Module: Black & White Reversed (Duotone)

Money Wheels 'Black & White' Reversed is the third variation of the original 25 images.  This version gives an alternative to the previous black & white images by reversing the overall feel with a duotone effect.

Whether you're creating backgrounds for various projects or enjoy seeing your options from different angles, this bonus compliments this package nicely.

The official versions you'll receive are as follows:

  • 25 Original high-quality images
  • 300 DPI -- 3600 x 3600
  • PNG & JPEG
  • Create Unlimited Physical, Digital, and Print on Demand Products
  • PLR License Included

Here's an example of a larger size.

This Package is for you if...

  • You're always on the lookout for great PLR that you can leverage for years to come.
  • You can already see tons of ways to use these in your business.
  • You're quite fond of Ready-to-Publish packages that save you time (and money) in your business.

This Package is NOT for you if...

  • You think ALL PLR content is a demonic hellspawn made by lazy people with no ethics.
  • You're expecting a 50-hour training course covering every angle of this topic.
  • You're already intending on requesting a refund despite my No Refunds policy (more below)

I'm sure you understand how much more you'd be paying to have these outsourced.

To get these custom created would cost a bare minimum of $5 EACH on a site like Fiverr.  

And that does NOT usually include special rights like commercial use or PLR!  

And those that do are often stolen content from other sites that would get you in legal hot water anyway.

So, if you paid someone $5 per image for 20 images, that's $100.  And that doesn't even include both of the Black & White sets of images or the Bonus set. 

All of that combined would cost you $500 or more!

And remember, that STILL would only include personal use rights.

But until the debate on whether I'm a nice guy or a tad bit insane gets settled...

I'm here to help make your life a bit easier and get more products out (without wasting tons of time).

I'm not going to charge you anywhere close to the prices mentioned above for this package.

For a limited time, you can own this entire bundle for the price shown below.

But don't dilly-dally around - The price WILL go up very shortly.

*As for your rights, here are your Licensing Terms and what they mean.

Refund Policy

PLR License Rights 

[YES]  Can be used to create physical products

[YES]  Can be used to create digital products

[YES]  Can be packaged with other products

[YES]  Can modify/change the main product

[YES]  Can be added to paid membership websites

[YES]  Can be offered as a bonus

[YES]  Can be used to build a list (3 pattern limit)

[YES]  Can print/publish offline

[YES]  Can be resold (Personal Use Only)

[YES]  Can be modified for use on blogs and social media

[NOPE]  Cannot sell Resale Rights

[NOPE]  Cannot sell Master Resale Rights

[NOPE]  Cannot sell Private Label Rights

[NOPE]  Cannot be given away for free as is (see list-building exception above)

[NOPE]  Cannot be added to free membership websites

[NOPE]  Cannot claim copyright

[NOPE]  Cannot be resold as patterns on Warrior Plus or JVzoo

[NOPE] Cannot use my name or businesses (Cerebral Architect, Cerebral Publishing, PLR Alien, etc.)

*Use common sense.  Don't be an unethical scumbag.  If you wouldn't do it to your best friend or family, don't do it regarding this content package.  Thanks for understanding.  :)


What is your refund policy?

Are there any upsells?

How much is this?

What if I have trouble accessing my purchase?

Who should get this?

What's the Price?

I've kept this extremely affordable for anyone who understands the value of a PLR package and the time is takes to create one.

You won't need to sell your kidney on the black market for funding.

The price WILL rise to at least $27 or more after the launch period and will likely be closed completely on at some point.

Get Affiliate Launchpad while the special pricing is available!

Thanks for checking out my product page.

This concludes my 'TED Talk'.

Refund Policy: See FAQ above.


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