Kindle “Copy & Paste” Mogul Review [2016] – Create A Kindle Publishing Empire Without Writing A Single Page

Today, I’m reviewing an ebook called Kindle “Copy & Paste” Mogul [2016 version].

This certainly isn’t the first Kindle product I’ve reviewed, but it is the first one I’ve seen that takes this approach to Kindle publishing.  While you can take a copy & paste approach to doing this, it’s not required.

What is it?

Kindle “Copy & Paste” Mogul is a 70 page ebook that breaks down an interesting way to create a different type of book than most would normally think of.

Without giving everything away, it’s about creating Trivia books based on facts about popular stars (think Justin Bieber, etc.).  This isn’t about creating a “fact book”, but about taking that mindset and putting a different spin on it (as the book explains).

The concept is…these stars have larger than life fan-bases that are crazy about them.  I’m talking about fans hardcore enough to get tattoos of their favorite superstars.  This ebook shows you how to capitalize on that level of fandom and profit from it.

In addition to that, it also gives you templates for finding good outsourcers to do the work for you.

What’s Inside?

Kindle “Copy & Paste” Mogul is broken down into the following steps.

  • Introduction: What You’ll Get Out Of This Course
  • Step 1: Be Where The BUYING FRENZY Is!
  • Step 2: Bar-None Easiest Way to Make Your First Sale
  • Step 3: Create A High-Quality Blockbuster Product That Readers Love Without Writing A Single Paragraph
  • Step 4: Dressing the Manuscript (And Dress’Em Gooood)
  • Step 5: Creating A Killer Cover that Attracts Buyers Like A Fat Boy to a Chocolate Cake
  • Step 6: Your Moment of Glory: Uploading and Putting It Up For Sale
  • Step 7: Marketing Like A CHAMP: “Stairway to Heaven” Strategy

Pros & Cons:

Cons: There were a few grammatical errors throughout, but it was easy for me to overlook them.  The formatting of the book isn’t overly professional, but I also wouldn’t call it bad either.  Simplified is a better word.

Pros: It opened my eyes to creating a type of book I’d never have thought of otherwise.  The book has a conversational nature to it that makes it easy to read with images sprinkled throughout to keep your attention.

Final Verdict:

Whether you’re looking for an easy entry into Kindle publishing or you already have books published, this is a concept that is accessible for people of all skill levels (especially since you can outsource it).

You can grab Kindle “Copy & Paste” Mogul by clicking here.


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