IM Checklist Volume 17: Clickbank Marketing Review

Today, I’ll be reviewing IM Checklist Volume 17: Clickbank Marketing which consists of 18 checklists covering everything related making money online by being a vendor and an affiliate on Clickbank.

Full Private Label Rights are included with all checklists (woo-hoo!).

The checklists you’ll receive include:

  1. Creating Your ClickBank Account And Do’s And Don’ts Of ClickBank
  2. Getting Your Affiliate Links And Tracking ID’s
  3. How To Get Paid With ClickBank?
  4. How To Promote ClickBank Offers?
  5. ClickBank Reporting For Affiliates
  6. Finding Upcoming ClickBank Offers To Promote
  7. How To Succeed As An Affiliate: ClickBank
  8. Setting Up Your ClickBank Payment Link
  9. Running A Test Purchase In ClickBank
  10. ClickBank Approval Checklist
  11. How To Block Affiliates On ClickBank?
  12. Making Use Of ClickBank Marketplace For Research
  13. How To Attract Affiliates For Your ClickBank Offer?
  14. How To Buy Advertising On ClickBank?
  15. How To Use Sales Flow Tools: ClickBank
  16. How To Add An Upsell To Your Offer In ClickBank?
  17. How To Add Multiple Sales Pages?
  18. How To Sell To Different Languages On ClickBank

On top of that…

With these interactive checklists, you get options to access them through Google Spreadsheet, Excel Spreadsheet, downloadable PDF versions, and downloadable PLR Docs. 

In the video below, I review IM Checklist Volume 17: Clickbank Marketing, give you a preview of the member’s area and cover the sales funnel.


Watch my review to see inside the members area

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📝 My Thoughts Summarized 📝

 Ever since I first started learning how to make money online back in 2013, Clickbank has popped up in various courses over the years.  It’s been persistent over a long period of time, like Amazon (but, you know, different).

One good thing about Clickbank is that it’s the go-to platform for many vendors and affiliates who want to do business outside of the “internet marketing” and “make money online” industry while also being a place for those industries as well (although not as prominent as JVzoo and Warrior Plus).

  • You don’t have to use Paypal.  You can get paid by check or direct deposit once you hit the minimum threshold for payout ($10 from what I recall).
  • You can get your affiliate link without having to go through an approval process.
  • Your payouts are guaranteed.  No haggling vendors for your money.  It’s done automatically through Clickbank.

With that said…

Whether you’re a Clickbank newbie or a CB pro, these checklists will help guide you through the process or just help you review over things to make you’ve got your I’s dotted and your T’s crossed.

✔️ Pro:  As with other checklist volumes in this series, whether you use these yourself or not, getting PLR rights amplifies the value even more than your average product, making your investment in them go WAY beyond your typical online purchase.  These could make great lead magnets & bonuses that go beyond the average content you normally see out there.

Con:  You won’t get an in-depth walk-through of how Clickbank works in a video format.  If you’re looking for something beyond checklists, you might want to consider CB Passive Income.  If you already have video training to follow, these checklists are a great addition to keep you on track.  


What others are saying

John Mulry (Author of “The Truth”)



This product is covered by a 14 Day, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee! 

Although the low pricing makes this a total no-brainer, to make this easy for ANYONE to get now, Kevin is also going to give you the next 14 days to test it out. 

If you think in ANY way that these top-notch checklists are not for you, just send Kevin an email within the refund period and he’ll give your tiny investment back.  


Product Funnel Breakdown


Main ProductIM Checklist Volume 17: Clickbank Marketing – $37

Build Your Very Own Wildly Profitable Digital Marketing Business With These 18 POWERFUL ClickBank Checklists!

Full Private Label Rights are included with all checklists (woo-hoo!). 

Upgrade 1IM Checklist Monthly$17 Monthly

Access to the IM Checklist Monthly membership site.  Members stay for months to come.  Once you get in, you’ll wanna stick around like a moth to a flame. 

This is what I’m subscribed to.  Each month, I get the newest volume of checklists a day or so before their official launch day, but at the launch  price of $17. 

Upgrade 2IM VIP Training 10x Blowout  – $97

10 of Kevin’s best training products at a 94% discount.  


🏆  My Bonus Enhancements  🏆


For customers of IM Checklist Volume 17: Clickbank Marketing who pick this up through any link on this page, you’ll receive access to the bonus(es) you see below.

Bonus 1 – Solo Ad Escape

Bonus 2 – Open Rate Explosion

Bonus 3 – Dropout Entrepreneur

Bonus 4 – 11 Questions to Success

For clarity, these are vendor bonuses accessable in your IM Checklist membership area.  I may add more bonuses later, but the checklists themselves are pretty grand.


Do I actually deliver on my bonus claims?

Here’s what Tom Tomlin had to say:

Hey Clif-


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Based on some of my previous attempts to claim “bonus” offers I wasn’t sure I’d ever hear back. I guess it goes with the territory,but it’s really frustrating to have to deal with so many people who act like scam artists and offer a “bonus” (or in some case an actual product/service) and suddenly disappear/ignore any attempts to communicate with them…


Anyway,it’s nice to know there are some people with integrity and I really appreciate you getting back to me.


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