IM Checklist Review and bonuses

Today I’ll be reviewing IM Checklist which is a collection of over 240 marketing checklists covering everything there is to know about online marketing.

Full Private Label Rights are included with all checklists.

These checklists are divided into volumes with a new volume being released at the beginning of each month.

The volumes you’ll receive immediately include:

  • Volume 1 – Product Creation
  • Volume 2 – Email Marketing
  • Volume 3 – Social Media Marketing
  • Volume 4 – Affiliate Marketing
  • Volume 5 – Video Marketing
  • Volume 6 – Canva Design
  • Volume 7 – Newbie Marketer
  • Volume 8 – Messenger Marketing
  • Volume 9 – Outsourcing
  • Volume 10 – Self Publishing
  • Volume 11 – Building A Business On WordPress
  • Volume 12 – Offline Business Startup
  • Volume 13 – Make Money Online – Crisis Management
  • Volume 14 – Search Engine Optimization
  • Volume 15 – YouTube Advertising

(Current as of March 2019)

Plus over 20 hours of additional video training (details below).

On top of that…

With these interactive checklists, you get options to access them through Google Spreadsheet, Excel Spreadsheet, downloadable PDF versions, and downloadable PLR Docs.

In the video below, I’ll review IM Checklist, show you the member’s area and sales funnel, and also discuss my exclusive bonus.


>> Grab IM Checklist Monthly and My Bonus Package Here <<


>> Grab IM Checklist Monthly and My Bonus Package Here <<



My Thoughts Summarized


I’ve reviewed many of these checklist volumes individually in the past.

Basically, I’ll sum it up like this.

Buying this monthly package guarantees that you’ll get each checklist volume (containing approx. 18 checklists per volume) at the launch price of $17 (plus applicable tax).

You also get access to the newest checklist volume roughly 1-3 days before the general public gets them, based on my experience.

Personally, I have the monthly package you see in this post.

Why?  Because I can use these in so many ways.

❌ Con:  I had a difficult time thinking of anything, to be honest.  You can’t turn these directly into ebooks to sell, but with a little creativity, you can work around that.  I’ll cover how you can do that in my special bonus.

✔️ Pro:  Whether you use these yourself or not. getting PLR rights (at no extra cost) amplifies the value even more than your average product, making your investment in them go WAY beyond your typical online purchase. 

For example: These could make great lead magnets & product bundle bonuses that go beyond the average content you normally see out there.



What others are saying

John Mulry (Author of “The Truth”)



What you get when you buy

(There no upgrades options that I’m aware of.)


Product:  IM Checklist (Monthly) –

Price:  $17 per month (plus tax) = under $20 for me

Description – (Details below)

Access to the over 240 marketing checklists covering everything there is to know about online marketing (see details on the sales page).


IM Checklist Gold Training Vault – Over 20 hours of training including:

  • Monetizing Your Blog Webinar Replay
  • PLR Training Webinar Replay
  • Product Launch Case Study Plus Outsourcing
  • ManyChat Messenger Bots Training Webinar
  • 90 Day Action Plan Webinar Replay
  • PLR Training Webinar Replay
  • Many Chat Messenger Bot Training
  • IM Video Ads Training Webinar
  • Affiliate Marketing Part 2 – Traffic, Leads & Sales
  • Affiliate Marketing Part 1 – Research & Planning
  • Social Media Fan Page Setup Webinar Replay
  • Email Marketing Q n A Webinar Replay
  • Product Creation 1 – Effective Launch Methods
  • Product Creation 2 – Planning For Success


 My Special Bonuses


For customers of IM Checklist Monthly who pick this up through any link on this page, I’m giving you the bonuses you see below to give you the most bang for your buck and make this a no-brainer purchase for you.

Bonus 1 – This is a 20 minute video case study showing how I’ve made money from one of these methods called User Testing.  It’s a raw look at my experience (including my actual earnings, although not substantial), including both the pros and the cons, so you’ll know exactly what to expect if you decide to give it a shot.

Bonus 2 – In this bonus, I’ll give you another underground resource I know of that isn’t mentioned in these checklists but might still be of interest to you.

Bonus 3 – This is a little-known method that I don’t see many people talking about. It shows you how to create a sellable asset (or assets) that you own without having to make big complicated products.  This bonus is a full video course on it’s own.


Grab IM Checklist & Get my special bonuses





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