[PLR] Guru in a Box Review – 100 Awesome IM Lessons Done With Personality

First of all, Guru in a Box is not junk PLR.  Far from it

What is Guru in a Box?

This is a product by Kam Jennings (aka Kam Fatz) who is honestly one of my favorite marketers online.  He's known for putting out amazing products, being brutally honest, and under-charging what he should.

With Guru in a Box, Kam has turned the first 100 episodes of his podcast (no longer publicly available) into 100 IM lessons that all come with a FULL PLR license.

The length of the lessons range from 14 minutes to almost 2 hours each. 

These lessons cover many different aspects of internet marketing, including but not limited to:

  • Email Marketing
  • List Building
  • Product Launching
  • Membership Sites
  • Podcasting
  • Youtube
  • and much much more! 

These lessons are delivered in a unique way that includes stories as well as actionable content.

Product format:  Audio (front end), Video (Upsell)

Product length:  14 minutes to almost 2 hours per episode (100 episodes).  Totaling 46 hours, 23 minutes, 7 seconds of content!

Watch my Guru in a Box Review Video below to see inside.

Guru in a Box [Video Review - Coming Soon]

Guru in a Box [Product Demo]


  • TONS of valuable content from a relatable and honest marketer.
  • Content access: No membership logins or passwords to remember.
  • Flexibility: Stream online or download each episode to your hard drive.
  • The rights to transcribe and sell written forms of ALL episodes of Guru in a Box!


  • Most people will never absorb most of the value available here.
  • These lessons still contain Kam's business branding, if left unedited in full.  Luckily, you get PLR rights.
  • Kam makes this very clear on the sales page, but he has a 'no refund' policy.


Who this is for:  People interested in ranking on Google in four different ways for ongoing evergreen traffic, while also realizing that not every attempt will yield the same results.

Who this is not for: People expecting to get thousands of visitors and clicks immediately so they can start stacking money to the ceiling and get rich overnight.

What you should know:  The 100 episodes are split up into 5 separate folders and zip files to make things more managable.

Even if you're not into the PLR aspect, there's loads of great information to be learned here.

Sales Funnel

(Prices subject to change if vendor modifies funnel)

  • [PLR] Guru in a Box - $27 - $97 (final)
  • Upgrade 1 - Guru in a Box: The Video Counterparts with PLR - $67
  • Downsell 1: Epic Conversions Insider's Club - $9.80 monthly (launch)
  • Upgrade 2 - 90 Day Continuity Workshop Replays - $47
  • Downsell - 10 Complete Make Money Online Systems - $27
  • Upgrade 3 - Max Deal Affiliate Opportunity - $197
  • Downsell - Plus Deal Affiliate Opportunity - $67

My Hyper-Focused Bonus Package


To Be Determined - Honestly, there's really none needed here.  This is a product you should buy on it's own merit, even without bonuses.

Clif Burrell
Final Thought

Not only did I watch and follow Guru in a Box as Kam created it, but I've also purchased the PLR rights to it myself.  Why? Because I see the value and can think of so many ways I can utilize these lessons to further my own business.

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