The Fuego Breakout Review and bonuses

Today I’ll be reviewing a video course called The Fuego Breakout which consists of 10 videos showing you how to build a list quickly and profit ASAP from paid Instagram traffic…with a twist.

Most people just send traffic to an opt-in page and accept whatever percentage of opt-ins they get as their final results.

The Fuego Breakout shows you how to add a retargeting pixel into the mix.  You can then advertise to those visitors again, even if they didn’t enter their email address initially.

In the video below, I review The Fuego Breakout, show you the member’s area and sales funnel, and also discuss my super rad bonus package which covers some things the course didn’t fully elaborate on.


>> Grab The Fuego Breakout and My Bonus Package Here <<

This goes live on October 10th, 2018 @ 9am EST


>> Grab The Fuego Breakout and My Bonus Package Here <<


My Thoughts Summarized


This isn’t the first time I’ve heard people talk about leveraging the power of Instagram.  I even reviewed a course a while back called Instalist, but unfortunately, I think it’s been removed since then.

This course is a bit different from most I’ve seen though as you’re not following tons of people to get them to follow back.  You’re going directly to account holders who meet certain criteria that Jono lays out in the course and paying them to send you traffic by making a post for a certain amount of time.  If you want that instant traffic boom, this is something you should at least consider.

NOTE:  This does not apply only to Instagram.  The core of this course is really about retargeting.  The traffic can come from anywhere.  Instagram is simply the platform used in this course, but you could try this with anything.

Con:  The section about how to write the email sequence was cut a bit shorter than I would’ve liked, but I have a custom bonus that takes care of that.

Pro:  I’ve been curious about doing this basic concept for a quite a while now myself.  Jono takes it to the next level (a modern, more updated and smarter way of doing things) with what he shows in this course.   Even if you don’t care about Instragram, the retargeting element is something you can apply to pretty much anything.



Product Funnel

(Funnel may be slightly different in final form)


Main ProductThe Fuego Breakout$12.95+

How to build a list and make money using the power of Instagram influencers and retargeting pixels.

Upgrade 1“Done For You” Fuego Breakout Funnels Pack$37

A Done-For-You package of some kind (no details given)

Upgrade 2Easy Profit System$157

This is a “done for you” business-in-a-box. Simply Copy / Paste / Profit

Upgrade 3Limitless Traffic for 365 Days$197

Jono and Brendan will get their team to install your Google retargeting pixel on the sales pages of their upcoming launches (3 of them, I believe).  You can then “recycle” the traffic that pixel acquires over time and continue marketing to those prospects into the future.

Upgrade 4Breakout Rolodex$67

This allows you to make money easily with The Fuego Breakout.  This rolodex directs you to the exact connections you can tap into to make massive profits.

Upgrade 5License Rights$97

Keep 100% commissions throughout the entire funnel by selling The Fuego Breakout as your own product.

Upgrade 652 Weeks Group Coaching$397

With this option, you get 52 weeks of group coaching with Jono and Brendan, two of the top vendors and affiliates in the game.  Each of them earn $50k-$100k per month a piece, so they definitely know what they’re talking about.

Downgrade 6Group Coaching – ($4.95 Trial to $67/Month)

If you skip on the $397 “Group Coaching”, you’ll be presented with a $4.95 trial option.  This provides flexibility if you’re on more of a budget.



My Special Bonuses


For customers of The Fuego Breakout who pick this up through any link on this page, I’m giving you the bonuses you see below to give you the most bang for your buck and make this a no-brainer purchase for you.

Bonus 1 – This is a course made by myself that I currently sell on Warrior Plus for at least the price of The Fuego Breakout.  In this course, I’ll go in-depth showing you how to write different kinds of emails for your broadcasts or followup sequence.  Jono touched on this a little bit, but this bonus will help you out beyond what he taught in the course.

Bonus 2 – In this bonus, you’ll receive a checklist you can quickly go over when offering and delivering bonuses.  Although bonuses aren’t required, they can help increase your conversions dramatically (especially in your followup emails).  This will give you some ideas for what bonuses you could offer and will also walk you through how to deliver them in just a few simple pages.

Bonus 3 – In this bonus, you’ll receive a 5 page checklist walking you through 21 steps to writing an effective promo email.  Your followup emails are where the bulk of your money will be made, so writing them effectively is important.  This is normally part of a paid product, but you get it included in my bonus package today just for picking this up.

Bonus 4 – In this bonus, I’ll show you where to send your traffic to increase your conversions.  The course teaches to send the traffic directly to the offer, but this will hurt your conversions in the long-run.  In this video, I show you what your other options are.


Grab The Fuego Breakout & Get my special bonuses





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