End Game Review and custom bonus – High end coaching for $10 per month

This product called End Game is group coaching from Trevor Carr and Jonas Lindgren, delivered at a low, affordable monthly fee (less than a tank of gas).

This was originally sold for $997 on a webinar.  They ended up refunding everyone who invested and dropped the price significantly to a level that anyone can afford.

Why, you may ask?

To help more people.  Imagine that.  (For the record, there’s nothing wrong with high end coaching, but it’s nice to see a different approach to it.)

In short, you get…

No pitch webinars – These are averaging about once per week or sometimes twice a month, complete with full Q&A interaction (replays are always available).

Facebook group – The ability to group chat with other members and access to Trevor and Jonas.

Extra training – This area contains extra training, full of secret pro tips that each of them use to increase their affiliate commissions and further their internet business.

In the video below, I review End Game, go over the pros & cons, and also explain the exclusive bonuses you can only get from me that I created exclusively for this product.

NOTE:  This video was recorded in early 2018.  In my Summary section below, I’ve also added my updated thoughts a year later.


>> Grab End Game Here + Get my special bonus package <<

>> Grab End Game Here + Get my special bonus package <<

My Thoughts Summarized

I’ve been an active paying member of End Game since it originally opened its doors to a fairly small group of people.

The sheer amount of content you get is easily worth the $10 per month or whatever low price they’re currently charging.

If I had to say something I don’t like, it would be pretty difficult actually.  The one negative thing that might make some people hesitate is that there are no refunds for this.  Personally, I pay monthly knowing this, and I don’t regret it.


Try it for a month.  Stay if you like it.  Cancel if you don’t.  Then you’ll see how much value is actually offered here.

As for what I do like, the webinars.  Not only can you join in on the live calls, there are over 30 archived webinars resulting in dozens of hours of replays.  I learn a lot from these myself, including various industry tricks and news I may have missed.

Update:  End Game has now been active for over a year.  I plan on making an updated video about where the program is at now, but Jono is no longer part of it due to his partnership with Brendan Mace’s coaching program.

The monthly webinars still continue at around an hour a piece and are now becoming more weekly than monthly (meaning you get more content for the same price).  As of May 2019, the price is still $10 per month, and you get all current and archived webinars (plus everything shown in the video above).

Although it hasn’t continued to expand like I originally though it might in the Extra Training section, it’s virtually impossible to not learn SOMETHING from over 30 webinars.  I usually learn something new every month.

If you join End Game, get it for the no-pitch webinars (my personal favorite part) and access to the FB group.

For only $10 per month, it’s kinda hard to go wrong here, honestly.

Upgrade Options

Upgrade 1 – NOTHING!

What?  Nothing?  That’s correct.  NO UPSELLS!  Feel free to check your pulse.  Consult your physician if you feel the urge.


What is NOTHING DELUXE PLATINUM?  Well, it’s a lot more of NOTHING.  That’s right.  You get even less than normal for spending absolutely nothing.
Pure insanity, I know.  We’re all mad here, Alice.

My Special Bonuses

For customers of End Game who purchase through any link on this page, I’m giving you 3 custom bonuses I’ve created specifically for this product (not available anywhere else).  The purpose of these bonuses are to help you make life easier for yourself in your business.

Here’s the breakdown.

You’ll get:

Bonus 1 – In this custom-made bonus, I’ll cover how I started making money online and what I think about that particular method now (plus how I still leverage it in ways I hadn’t originally intended).  Although this is similar to the content in End Game, none of the guys have my particular experience doing things the way I did (for better or worse).

Bonus 2 – In this custom-made bonus, I’ll cover a particular thing I see people inside End Game doing that can potentially be harmful to your income in the long-run.  There’s also an exception to this that I’ll cover as well.

Bonus 3 – In this custom-made bonus, I’ll show you a slick way to make things easier in your business so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy.  This won’t get rid of doing the work, but it will minimize your struggle and maximize your time spent doing what needs to be done.

(Bonuses available immediately after purchase in Warrior Plus)


>> Grab End Game + Get my special bonus package <<




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