El Bandito Review and custom bonus – Case Study shows how they made $419 with one hour of work

This new course containing 19 videos called El Bandito shows how Anthony Mancuso is making money with affiliate marketing in a way that not many people have until now.

I’ve seen this basic concept covered in other courses, but Anthony’s main tweak to this method is getting 100% commissions throughout the sales funnel (not just 50% payouts on the upsells like most courses teach).

Why would anyone give away all of the money they’d make from a product to affiliates?

The short answer:  The affiliate makes more money per promotion while the vendor builds an email list of buyers to promote other stuff to.

Why it’s called El Bandito:  By making money with other people’s products, you’re practically “stealing” money (legally and ethically, of course).

As for making $419 per hour like the sales page claims, I do a math breakdown in the video to show if that’s even realistically possible.

With that said…

In the video below, I review El Bandito, go over the pros & cons, and also explain the exclusive bonuses you can only get from me (including one that I may never offer again – limited to the first 20 buyers).

>> Grab El Bandito Here + Get my special bonus package <<

>> Grab El Bandito Here + Get my special bonus package <<


My Thoughts Summarized

Despite the hyped-up “$419 per hour with just 1 hour of simple work” headline, the method this course teaches is solid and will make you more money than most courses teaching affiliate marketing, because you’ll be getting double the commissions on the upgrades.

What I didn’t like:  No matter what, you’ll have to spend money to make the MAXIMUM amount of money possible with El Bandito.  How much?  On average, about $60 ($12.95 or so for the main course & $47 for license rights), plus whatever you choose to spend on paid traffic.  BUT, if you end up making a profit, then this entire system pays for itself.  (Note: These costs do not include things like an autoresponder service and related expenses that you might already have in your business.)  Personally, I’m willing to spend money to make money.

What I did like:  El Bandito purposely focuses on being an affiliate for products that are already beyond their launch period instead of chasing upcoming launches like most courses encourage.  Don’t get me wrong – I’ve made money from riding the traffic wave of upcoming product launches (A.K.A “launch jacking”) and have landed on leaderboards, but it’s never been my preferred way of doing things.  Promoting products beyond their launch period means it’s easier to get approval for your affiliate link, even if you don’t purchase license rights to get 100% commissions which gets you guaranteed approval instead of hoping you get approval.

The bottom line here:  More and more “make money online” products are offering 100% commissions on the upsells in their product funnels if you purchase the license rights.  If you want to learn how to maximize your earnings with these products (in addition to sending traffic), this product is worth checking out.

The Funnel Breakdown

(Yes, there are several upgrades & downgrades, but I lay them all out for you here.)

Main Product – El Bandito – $12.95+ (dimesale)

This is Anthony Mancuso’s proven way to make money online with affiliate marketing through maximizing his commissions by purchasing license rights to the products he promotes.

He then uses a very specific method to get the most out of the traffic he sends to the offers he promotes.

Upgrade 1 – “Done for You” Campaigns for El Bandito – $37

You’ll receive 5 custom-created Bandito funnels that have proven to work for Anthony and his friends.  Each funnel also includes the exact wording and strategies they used to get high conversions.

Downgrade 1 – “Done for You” Campaigns for El Bandito – $17

Here, you’ll be offered a discount on the Done For You campaigns.  Same offer.  Lower price.

Upgrade 2 – Elite Insider’s Club (The Inner Circle) – $197

A top vendor (Brendan Mace), a top affiliate (Jono Armstrong), and a top rising affiliate (Anthony Mancuso) will each hop on a 1 hour live group call where you can ask them any questions about their business you wish.
That’s 1 call per week from each person (3 calls per week) with each call being about an hour in length.
3 hours of calls per week, for 6 weeks.  Replays will be available if you miss the live calls.

Upgrade 3 – Limitless Traffic for 365 Days- $197

Without making an overly complicated explanation, they’ll get you to create a simple tracking pixel, and then they’ll put your tracking pixel on their sales page of an upcoming launch or launches (3 launches I believe, but I’m not completely sure).

Your pixel will then receive the tracking information for everyone who visits the sale page.  Their launches usually do around 3,000 sales – so a LOT of people see the sale page.

You can then re-target those leads later on through paid advertising and sell related products to them, or even the same product whose sales page your pixel is on (if they didn’t purchase initially).

Upgrade 4 – License Rights – $97

“Steal Bandito” and sell it as your own product.

Get 100% commissions throughout the entire funnel (not sure about the $1,997 coaching, but you still get at least 50% on the coaching regardless).

This is literally the entire focus of El Bandito.

Downgrade 4 – License Rights – $47

This is the same offer you see above but offered at a discount.

Upgrade 5 – One-on-One Coaching – $1,997

This is Brendan Mace’s 1-on-1 coaching – the same blueprint he’s used to make over $1 million online since 2016.  I know it’s quite expensive, but I’d recommend at least watching the sales video.

Note: I’m actually considering investing in this myself.  Why?  Because it comes with a $10,000 in 6 Weeks guarantee (check sales video for details).  If you don’t achieve this goal after implementing what he teaches, he’ll give you a refund plus an additional $2,000.

This is only for people who are SUPER serious about making a living online.
(This price does not include other expenses like autoresponder services, page builders like ClickFunnels, and related expenses that any serious business needs to have anyway.)

Downgrade 5 – Full Coaching (Digital Version) – $197

Brendan Mace (a top 1% Warrior Plus vendor & top 5% affiliate) has put together 40 step-by-step videos that go over everything that he covers in his 1-on-1 coaching (seen above at $1,997).  This is exactly what he teaches to all of his students.

The only difference here is you only get the step-by-step video training, not personal access to him directly.

Instead of Brendan going through it with you on a 1-on-1 basis, these videos will show you everything he does to make over 5 figures every month with no stones left unturned.

This is the same training his other coaching students have used to make $10,000+ per month, but you won’t get direct access to him with this downgrade compared to his $1,997 coaching seen above.

My Special Bonuses

For customers of El Bandito who purchase through any link on this page, I’m giving you a product that I currently have for sale on Warrior Plus (and more).  I’m limiting one of the bonuses to the first 20 people who take action, so spots are limited.

Here’s the breakdown.

If you purchase El Bandito, you’ll get:

Bonus 1 – In this bonus, you’ll get full access to my course called Email Uprising which is currently being sold on Warrior Plus.

El Bandito shows you how to build a list and create the initial follow-up email sequence but not how to continue writing high quality and engaging emails beyond that point to KEEP selling to your list.  Email Uprising will show you exactly how to write effective emails that sell and keep your subscribers engaged.

Bonus 2 – In this bonus, I’ll be giving you 100% commissions on my entire Email Uprising funnel.  Not only will you get access to the product itself (above), I’ll also give you a special set of instructions to activate your full commissions when you request your affiliate link.

These two bonuses alone cost more than El Bandito itself, so it’s really a no-brainer.

Bonus 3 – In this custom-made bonus, I’ll show you another way to maximize your profits on a specific kind of product, whether or not the product you’re promoting even has a 100% commission upgrade option.  If you think 100% commissions are good, wait until you see this.

Hint: It’s all around you, but massively overlooked (and arguably even more powerful than 100% commissions).


>> Grab El Bandito Here + Get my special bonus package <<




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