Easy Peasy Ecom Review and custom bonus – Truck driver makes $650+ per week selling hands-free products

This new 12 video-long course called Easy Peasy Ecom shows how a 39 year old truck driver makes $650+ per week selling hands-free products on an untapped marketplace.

And it’s so easy, he does it all from his mobile device without paid ads or a website!

At least that’s what the sales page says.

Is it true or overhyped?  You’ll have to watch my review video to find out.  😉

In the video below, I review Easy Peasy Ecom, go over the pros & cons, and also explain the exclusive bonuses you can only get from me that I created exclusively for this product.

>> Grab Easy Peasy Ecom Here + Get my special bonus package <<

>> Grab Easy Peasy Ecom Here + Get my special bonus package <<

My Thoughts Summarized

I went into this product not knowing a lot about Ecom.

About the only experience I have with selling physical products was flipping a few items on eBay back in the day.  I quickly got turned off by having to hunt down items, appraise their value, and hope I could make a buck or two in profit after shipping and fees.

These days, digital products are my jam.

However, not everyone is the same.  Many people love the idea of selling physical products, and if they could do it from their phone without having to deal with Shopify, they would.

There are parts of his process where you’ll probably need a computer to set things up initially (if you want to maximize your profits), but it’s not really required for the basic method at a bare bones level.

If I had to say something I didn’t like, there are 3 videos in a row where he recommends are certain product to help you increase your profits (not required, by the way).  While I have nothing against this (or the product mentioned), it may get on the nerves of some people.  Others won’t care at all, but I figured I’d mention it.

As for what I liked, he made the entire course on his phone, showing just how portable his business really is (literally in his pocket).  I also like the 3 real customer examples he showed, one of which he had a bit of trouble with.  I really liked the video called “Prospect Followups”.  It’s a really simple concept but a great way to get people who are on the fence about buying from you to get closer to making a purchase, and it only takes about 5 seconds to do.

The bottom line here:  If you want to sell physical products from your phone without ever having to touch an actual product and without having to pay for ads or Shopify, this is worth checking out – especially with the addition of my custom bonus, which will give you an edge over any competition out there.

Upgrade Options

Upgrade 1 – Gold Upgrade – $27

Level UP!

While Kal makes great money with no website, with this upgrade, he’s going to walk you step-by-step through how to setup an actual drop-ship product funnel using “CF” (or any page builder) to greatly increase your profit per customer and more money overall.  Note:  You can build the same layout in just about any industry standard page builder.

Top Selling Products
Kal will reveal his top 10 best selling products that you can take off with right away and have proven products to sell without the guesswork.
BONUS: Done 4 You Pre-Built Funnel
This is the same funnel Kal uses, built in “CF”.  He’s going to “share” (provide a duplicate) of his funnel as a bonus to people who have a “CF” account.

Upgrade 2 – VIP Platinum – $27

#1 – Kal & Jeremy are giving customers LIFETIME access to a special mastermind group to provide on-going assistance.
#2 – Exclusive no-pitch high octane live session – They’ll take you to the next level with advanced tactics plus answer your questions.
#3 – First Listing Critique:  When you get your first product up for sale, they will provide a critique for your offer.
#4 – Members only on-going training – This is Kal’s flagship membership.  In the future, this group will be monthly paid access, but you’ll be grandfathered in at one price while still getting to enjoy all future content & training that will be added.

My Special Bonuses

For customers of Easy Peasy Ecom who purchase through any link on this page, I’m giving you 2 custom bonuses I’ve created specifically for this product (not available anywhere else).  The purpose of these bonuses are to help you stand out from other sellers while also providing extra value to your customers.

Here’s the breakdown.

You’ll get:

Bonus 1 – In this custom-made bonus, I’ll cover a very specific way add extra value to whatever you’re trying to sell.  This will give your prospects more of an incentive to buy what you’re selling.  Nobody else will be doing this, because most people would never think to.

Bonus 2 – In this custom-made bonus, I’ll cover how to you can take what I showed you in the first bonus and monetize it even further over time.  This will allow you to take one business model and splinter it off into multiple streams of income for long-term success.

Bonus 3 – In this short ebook, you’ll learn 3 ways to make $10 per hour.  The first 2 bonuses are where the gold is, but I figured I’d throw this one in as well.

(Bonuses available immediately after purchase in Warrior Plus)


>> Grab Easy Peasy Ecom + Get my special bonus package <<




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2 Comments on “Easy Peasy Ecom Review and custom bonus – Truck driver makes $650+ per week selling hands-free products”

  1. I am a newbie at all of this. Grandfather age to be precise. Thus my questions. Is this newbie friendly? Also if I purchase this through your website will you be available for questions? Also you mentioned that you will include your two bonuses. Would you then recommend at least doing the first upgrade with Kal? Thank you for your time and response.

    1. Hey Alan. Sorry for my delayed reply, but I’m just now seeing your comment.

      In my opinion, this is probably as easy as something like this is gonna get. That’s not to say it will be a perfect fit for everyone, because nothing is, but for what it is, I think it’s a good product.

      Is there a bit of work involved? Yes, but there is with everything.

      I’ll only be able to answer your questions regarding my bonuses. Ecom is not my area of expertise, so this product was a bit of a learning experience for me as well. With my bonuses, I took my knowledge & experience outside of Ecom and connected it to what I would do to make my offer more intriguing.

      I can’t give a “hard” recommendation on the first upgrade only because I haven’t actually seen it myself. I’d say to get it if it looks appealing, or, if you pass on it, you can still get it later in the course access area.

      I hope this helps you make an informed buying decision.

      If you want to reach me more directly, feel free to email me at cerebralarchitect@gmail.com

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