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Social Media Animation Pack

Each animation on this page is considered a Page Animation within Canva.

Below, you'll see previews of each animation type divided into 5 sections.

Section 1: Block

Section 2: Fade

Section 3: Photo Flow

Section 4: Photo Zoom

Section 5: Rise

In each of these sections, you'll be given choices for each platform.


1)  [MP4 Download] All FACEBOOK Block Animations

2)  [Canva] FACEBOOK Block templates

Download / Access as you please.

Reminder For Mobile users: The clips may load slowly after clicking the Play button.  If you tap the '15 sec forward' curved arrow next to the Play button, it should trick it into playing properly.

Happy downloading!

*Commercial License: You're free to do many things, but the license does not allow the selling of the Canva templates themselves.


Now that you're at the end, I hope technology was working properly for you today. 

I never know when a GIF will fail to load or a preview video will misbehave.

If you had trouble accessing anything, let me know.

Tip:  You can use the Canva templates to download GIFs of any image you want.  These may come in handy if you're doing certain things, like split-testing an email embed.

The main purpose of providing MP4 clips was to have a backup in the event that Canva fails.

Now you're covered whether you use Canva or not!

Don't forget - You can completely modify the templates any way you wish!


If you need to reach me, my email address is below.


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