Affiliate Safari Review – $865.11 from a 4 day Case Study

Let's go on a safari!

Affiliate Safari is a 10 video over-the-shoulder case study of a 4 day affiliate campaign that Kam Katz ran recently. 

It resulted in him taking first place in the affiliate contest and $865.11 in affiliate commissions and prize money, all with only around 3 and a half hours of work to accomplish this.  

The case study was done in real time, so Kam was experiencing the campaign and reacting to what was happening, and now so will you!

In the video below, I'll give you the rundown of what I thought about the full product after going through all 10 videos.

IMPORTANT:  Also watch BOTH of Kam's videos below for complete honesty and transparency.  He tells it like it is!  He's like Internet Marketing's version of Joe Rogan.

My Review of Affiliate Safari


Kam's Video Tour of Affiliate Safari

  • BRUTAL Honesty
  • Each video explained BEFORE you buy
  • Funnel Explained in Detail
  • No "Fake Downsells"


Kam's Affiliate Safari Q&A

The Yay & The Nay

🏋️‍♂️ It's time to weight the pros and cons. 🏋️‍♂️


  • Case Study from an experienced marketer.
  • See the actual emails that made him money.
  • Learn what he was thinking every step of the way.
  • Discover the promotional angles he used.
  • See how his statistics changed throughout the campaign.


  • No refunds - Kam explains why in the videos above.


Kam doesn't really put out "bad products".  Affiliate Safari is no exception.

Inside, he walks you through:

- Every step he made 

- Every email he wrote

- Every link he tracked

- Every traffic source he used

- And probably more than I'm forgetting

He also shows you what was successful and not-so successful.

Yes! You get the good AND the underwhelming results.

If you're into affiliate marketing on level, I recommend getting this and learning from it.

Lots of gold nuggets in this one.

Sales Funnel

(Prices subject to change if vendor modifies funnel)

  • Affiliate Safari - $27
  • Upgrade 1 - Epic Conversions 40 Email Swipes: Volume 1 - $14.97
  • Downgrade 1 - Epic Conversions Insider's Club - $10.80 (Launch Price)
  • Upgrade 2 - The Email Workshop Combo Pack - $27
  • Downgrade 2 - Systems & Email Conversions Workshop - $14.97
  • Upgrade 3 - Affiliate Safari Max Deal Package - $97
  • Downgrade 3 - [PLR EDITION] Affiliate Safari - $47

Here's what you get with my bonus


I've included my own personal "Clif Notes" I wrote as I was going through this course.  I'm currently modifying it, but it's already available in your Affiliate Bonus area in Warrior Plus.


This is an 8 part email campaign Kam did as an affiliate promotion for a product called iPassive.  I'd recommend modifying it to fit how you would normally talk in your own emails, but it's a great starting point to use as a template.


Here, I've included a video I made going over a very spammy email that I dissected to show what you should never do when writing your emails.

Clif B.

Internet Marketer

Kam puts out great products that are full of golden nuggets, and Affiliate Safari is no exception.  A solid case study filled with insider knowledge of his industry.

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