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Affiliate Launchpad


In 100 Words

Or Less

Affiliate Launchpad is a high quality, affordable PLR package that comes with:

A) A Written Report

B) Social Media Pack

C) Professional Cover Art

This package is all about helping newbie affiliate marketers: 

1. Get their foot in the door without stubbing their 'money toe'.

2. Understand how to ethically do business online without becoming a commission-hungry Sith Lord.

3. Avoid future obstacles like they're Mario leaping over lava pits.

This is perfect introduction package for beginners looking to start a new online business with little or no budget and not get immediately overwhelmed in the process.

Instead of shining a light on tactics shadier than forest at midnight, they'll be shown how to convert traffic into sales the right way without a guilty conscious.

Below, you can see the full details of this report broken down into 5 chapters.

Each chapters covers a separate component that will launch anyone who takes action towards getting results if they maintain momentum and stay focused.

This package is perfect for entrepreneurs who are genuinely interested in helping new affiliate marketers start off on the right foot.

Now It's Time For...

Here's A Look At


Included Today...

Affiliate Launchpad PLR Report

  • 3,049 word report spanning 5 Chapters
    1. Affiliate Marketing Explained in Plain English
    2. Be the Affiliate and the Customer
    3. The Realities of Free and Paid Traffic
    4. Three Types of Affiliate Blog Posts You Should Be Creating
    5. Finding Affiliate Products to Promote
  • Text Only version - 8 Pages
  • [DFY version #1] - 15 Pages
    > PDF with cover, Table of Contents, Chapters & Conclusion
  • [DFY version #2] - 16 Pages
    > PDF with Title Page, Table of Contents, Chapters & Conclusion - 16 Pages

    [Available in TXT, DOCX, PDF]

Social Media Quotes Pack

  • 20+ Core Images for Three Platforms

    Each image contains a quote from the report for congruency when shared on social media or elsewhere.  

    Images have been properly sized for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest (1080 x 1920) totaling 20 image files per platform.

    [Available in PNG, JPEG, Canva Templates]

Professional Cover Art

  • Professional Cover Art Variations:

    People judge a report by the cover, so I've included more than one variation to give you options.  *nudge nudge, hardcore split-testers* 

    The image below is what your Canva template will look like.

    [Available in PNG, JPEG, Canva Templates]

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50% Commissions



(Price will rise to $37 at 11:59 EST on 9-11-22)

50% Commissions

Affiliate Launchpad: 5 Chapter PLR Report with Text Only and Multiple DFY variations, plus social media pack congruent with each report chapter with Canva templates included.



50% Commissions

Social Media Animations: 5 attention-grabbing animations to each image from the main offer. This animated package contains 4 times files overall (300), because each and every one is animated.

About Clif Burrell

Clif Burrell started out putting courses on Udemy in 2014 where he successfully reached thousands of students worldwide.  He later went his own way to have more independence.

Despite health issues and surviving a diabetic coma on Christmas Eve 2019, he still pushes forward to serve his audience and provide a laugh or two in the process.

His main goal is bring value to other people in an ethical way that benefits everyone financially.

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