365 Days of Documenting My Progress – How to Hold Yourself Accountable

Today, I’m going to talk about how I’ve held myself accountable for the last year.

Back in January 2015, I bought a small 3 inch x 5 inch memo notepad.  My goal was to document my progress each day, even if it was something as simple as sending out a tweet.


Now, admittedly, only sending out a tweet is about the lowest amount of work you can do in a day, but we all have lazy days (or days we’re busy in other ways).  My main goal was to track my progress on creating my courses and the product reviews you see on this site.

Is documenting your progress for 365 days without missing a day easy?


Did I miss days?

Yes, but I went back and filled in the days I got behind on.  The key was to never get more than a day or two behind.  If you do, it becomes difficult to remember what you did 48+ hours ago.

Eventually, I developed a system to track two things:

  • The total number of days in row I’d documented overall.
  • The total number of days I’d documented on the specified day.

To clarify the second point, documenting my progress for a Monday had to be documented ON that Monday between midnight and 11:59 PM.  If I was late, the chain was broken, and I’d have to start that number over from 1 while the overall number of days (first bullet point) would continue going.

It sucks getting to 83 days in a row only to miss the midnight deadline by 3 minutes.  That happened and set me back to square one.

As of writing this, I’ve documented 365 days of progress – from January 4th, 2015 to January 4th, 2016.  My current streak of days in a row (bullet point #2) sits at 110, with today being Day 110.

I’ve recently set up automatic daily reminders on my phone to notate my daily tasks completed in the evening.


The longer you go without missing a day or “breaking the chain”, the more painful it is when you do.  This encourages me to keep going.  The best part about doing this being able to look back and see how lazy I’ve been lately or how busy I’ve been.

It’s definitely helped me, and by sharing this, perhaps it can help you too.




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